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Michael Grinberg 2008-02-18 06:28 AM

Applescript find & replace in OmniOutliner Standard
Hello everybody,

I often paste chunks of pre-formatted text into OmniOutliner. I would like to use some applescript to handle these pieces. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no experience with this language. Could you please give me a tiny example of apple script finding a regular expression in the document (or in selected cell) and replacing it with a string?
So far, I haven't found any good sample. There is an attempt by vhkida [URL=""]over here[/URL], but it uses a gui-based approach and not OmniOutliner's object model.
Any help would be much appreciated. If nobody responds, I file a request to the support team (which is a bit merciless, because this is not their problem, but mine) and post the details here. If we get a good sample, I guess it will be rather easy to modify and expand it, add cycles, conditions, exceptions etc... This can be a foundation of a great tool.


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