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aguerler 2010-02-18 08:49 AM

Crash on startup
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Hi all,

i get an error on startup:


Something like "Error message found on loading xml"

Itīs not possible to use the db any more. I have several backups but the last working one is 3 days old. I donīt want to loose the work of 3 days because iīm a heavy User of OF.

I got an error on my iphone 3gs app, so couldnīt snyc any more, started an "rebuild db" with OF and now get the OF crashes.

Contacted also Support Ninjas but no reaction so far...

Any Help?

Thanx - Ali

aguerler 2010-02-18 12:14 PM

Could isolate 1 corrupted zip within the OF Package. Deleting it let me startup my db again. The xml within the zip looks good to me. Can not understand why OF got into trouble with it...

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