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RobTrew 2011-12-20 12:42 PM

Auto-Layout - advanced and undocumented features
The OmniGraffle documentation is curiously modest about the full creative potential of Auto-layout, with its innovative and ground-breaking [I]auto-skew[/I] and [I]auto-encrypt[/I] features.

Instructions for use are summarized, with suggested areas of application, in this handy sheet:

[B]Auto-skew[/B] Capture the atmosphere of an organisation which has lost a little of its vigour and direction ...


[B]Auto-encrypt[/B] Need to combine disclosure with discretion ? Protect the details of your lines of report ...


[B]Combined effects[/B] No need to choose between discreet encryption and that subtle impression of skewed disorganisation ...

RobTrew 2012-01-07 04:13 AM

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[I]More advanced effects that didn't make it into the user manual ...[/I]

[B]Auto-arachnid[/B] - add knee-joints to your spider diagrams.

[SIZE="1"]Automatic layout adds knee joints to bezier connectors in larger sibling ranges. For additional joints, reduce rank separation and increase object separation[/SIZE]

(The 'text flees arachnid advance' effect is achieved with a combined [URL=""]script and zoom[/URL] technique)

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