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rgodsey 2012-01-26 07:07 AM

OmniFocus for iOS Devices - Multiple Users and Internet Connectivity
My wife and I both have separate iPhones and iPads. We also share an iTunes account, and consequently, many applications. I am wondering if OmniFocus for either iPhone or iPad will work well in that context since we would not want to share the same entries. If this does not pose a problem, would setting up syncing cause problems or could my iPhone sync with my iPad only and her iPhone sync to her iPad?

Also, we may not begin with both iPad and iPhone versions of the app, so I have read several threads on the topic and while I had been leaning toward the iPhone version, it appears the iPad version may be more robust and easier to use with the larger screen. Should we decide to go with the iPad version first, I am wondering how important it is to have a persistent internet connection. We don't have 3G enabled and I am often away from Wi-Fi (at my work, for instance). Is this a problem if using iPad app as a standalone?

Lizard 2012-01-26 01:17 PM

1) could my iPhone sync with my iPad only and her iPhone sync to her iPad?

Yes. You'll just want to make sure you and your wife are syncing to separate places: 2 different Omni Sync Server accounts, for example.

2) how important [is it] to have a persistent internet connection?

OmniFocus does require internet access to sync, and to display web pages (if you store links in the notes of actions or something). So, until you have multiple devices syncing together, it should work just fine.

3) Bonus, unsolicited advice:

Even if you each only have the app on one device, you may want to go ahead and set up syncing, so that there's a backup copy of your data in case something happens to your iPad. (For that purpose, syncing only when you're at home would work just fine.)

Does that help?

Lizard 2012-01-26 01:21 PM

2) addendum:
Even once you have multiple devices trying to stay in sync, taking one offline for a few hours or days will still be okay. Obviously the iPad and iPhone won't have each other's data until you sync again. But the changes you make can be merged back together the next time your devices sync.

rgodsey 2012-01-26 08:20 PM

Yes, that does help very much! I think I will go ahead and start with the iPhone version for the internet connectivity reasons. I'm sure the location specific context also needs the Internet to display the map. If all goes well, I'll consider adding the iPad app later.

Thanks again!

Lizard 2012-01-27 09:48 AM

Oops, you're probably right about the map. I'm spoiled by having wifi for my iPad at both home and work so I overlooked that.

You can also install the iPhone edition on the iPad. It obviously won't take full advantage of the iPad's larger screen, but it might help you decide how much you'd use OmniFocus on an iPad before buying it.

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