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Vincent 2007-03-13 03:27 AM

Beachball after startup... but why?
I've been a little bit :confused: lately about my all in all terrific working Omniweb 5.5.4. When I launch the programme (with the original starup page by the way: the big globe with the google search field) the spinning beachball appears and stays there for a few seconds.

Not too long but then again long enough to notice it. Has anyone a clue why that could happen? Or ist that the regular behaviour of the current version?

Thanks for any help. :)

troyb 2007-03-13 02:32 PM

This doesn't really sound like the expected result here. You might try flushing your cache and clearing your history and see if that helps at all. If not, you can always send feedback in to [email][/email] (or use the Send Feedback link in the help menu). We'll be happy to look further into the issue with you.

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