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omnifan 2010-01-09 07:19 AM

Selections and Styles
Is either use case below possible in OG5 Pro?

1) Use Canvas:Selection to pick one or more objects -- text for example.
2a) Select favorite style or style available in document to change the style of objects (#1 above).
2b). Use the Style Brush to change the style of objects (#1 above).

I have tried these two approaches multiple different ways with no luck. What is the recommended approach for doing a mass change in text (or graphic) styles while using Canvas Selection functionality? Thanks for the help.


priceless 2010-01-09 07:28 AM

Hi Jeff

What I typically do is:

1. Select everything I want to change (could be through the selection panel or other ways)

2. Make text changes in the text inspector (Style:Text) including popping up the font controls.

The other way to change things could be to

1. Select the base object with the text style you want

2. Copy the font style: Format --> Font --> Copy Style

3. Multi-select everything you want to have that font style

4. Copy the font style: Format --> Font --> Paste Style

You'll see there are also quick keys for this approach.

Those two should work


-- Morgan

omnifan 2010-01-09 02:35 PM

Helpful. Thanks Morgan.

Sure would be nice to leverage the concept behind the entire style vs. having to change each aspect (font, shadow, color, etc). Maybe I am off, but it seemed really intuitive given OG explanation of tools to select items you want to change using Canvas:Selection and then either drag over the style or portion of style you want to these items or do similar using menus or format painter. Maybe OG 6? Thanks again.


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