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Producing 3-D "sunken" effect
Has anyone devised a way to use OG to create a 3-D-looking solid (imagine a rectanglar table top) with a part of it "hollowed out" to given a sunken appearance--as though a router had been used?

zombieApehands 2006-08-01 10:05 PM


Is this what you had in mind?

1. I made a bezier-shape with 8 points (4 corners and 2 for each end of the trough).

2. Copied it and erased the 4 corners points to isolate the trough.

3. Reversed the directions of the gradient fills for the original shape and the new trough.

4. Moved the trough over the original shape (and added a rectangle in front to make it look like a box).

It's not photo-realistic, but it's relatively quick.

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