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negnetsolutions 2011-09-03 07:50 AM

Filtering By Available Actions in 2.0
I am pretty new to OmniPlan and thus this may be a dumb question:

I have a project with several different people working on tasks. I would like to be able to filter out all of the tasks that I can do right, their dependencies have been completed and they are thus available for me.

I have figured out how to filter by resource. But that just shows me everything I need to do regardless of whether dependencies have been met.

Is there any way to filter by status = "available" or something like that?

tbo 2011-09-12 08:20 AM

In OP, there is no status "available", afaik. But you could do it the other way round: assuming that the plan is up-to-date and has been rescheduled properly, you could filter tasks that are not overdue (because those have been completed) or due soon.
My 2 cents

whpalmer4 2011-09-12 11:07 PM

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I've attached an Applescript that walks the dependency graph and figures out which actions are available. When the script completes, the available actions are selected, so you could use the script in combination with a filter that shows only selected tasks. If you run the script with a selection in the document, only the selected tasks will be examined, otherwise the entire document will be searched for available tasks. For a document of some size and complexity, this script will probably be a bit pokey, and I would suggest using a filter to select only tasks which are incomplete, selecting those tasks and running the script.

Known limitations:

I don't bother checking back more than one level of finish-start prerequisites if the first one I encounter is complete. If task C depends on task B being completed which depends on task A being completed, and task A is marked 80% complete but task B is marked 100% complete (it shouldn't even be started if task A isn't complete) I'll show task C as available for work.

If two tasks are connected by a start-start or start-finish dependency, the second task will not be shown as available until the completion percentage of the first task is > 0%. If work has started but hasn't been logged, I have no way of knowing that it is available.

I made a fairly complicated test plan, but no warranty of completeness and/or correctness is given. If you find a case where it seems like the script gets it wrong, whittle it down to a small test case or use the Help->Send Feedback command to make an anonymized version to upload here and I'll have a look.

See the [URL=""]FAQ: Installing & running an OF applescript[/URL] for instructions on installing and invoking the script. The FAQ discusses uses scripts with OmniFocus, but just read OmniPlan where it says OmniFocus and you should be fine.

skwirl 2011-09-13 03:30 PM

Cool Applescript Bill!

I'll go ahead and file a feature request for something along the lines of an available filter.

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