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msurtees 2010-03-06 11:58 AM

"Today" view
I'm currently using "Things" but am getting sick of waiting for better syncing options and other common sense updates.

I'm thinking of going to OmniFocus but have a quick concern: in BOTH the desktop and iPhone versions, is it possible to have or to see what's available to work on just for TODAY?

If I have something with a start date of today I want to see it but I do NOT want to see something with a start date of tomorrow.

Thanks in advance for you help

justapersona 2010-03-06 12:30 PM

Agreed: where's my "Do This Next" view?
I've used & liked Things, and also a custom-created Outlook Task mgmt solution (custom view "GTD") with custom fields for Context & Project.
In both prior cases, part of my morning routine was to review everything in the "Now" bucket, and scan the "Next" bucket.
Critical to this was the ability to generally create / sculpt a "sort order" of priority (my "Next" bucket was generally 20-50 items, but the more pressing ones could stay at the top).
I could use "Context" views & "Projects" views against this as needed - very handy.
And this is not how OmniFocus works, which is fine, but I am left wondering constantly where to turn next.
Which is significantly bad.
I have 4 critical things to accomplish today (Sat., sitting in the office) and for the life of me, I can't find any 1 of them. I have to read through everything.
And once I find 1, not sure what to do to bring it to the top so to speak. I can flag it, and the other 3, but do I also flag the 4 less important things I'd like to keep in mind today?
Where's a "Now" or "Today" view? Or how else might I approach this? (I'm open-minded.)

mmurray 2010-03-07 03:05 AM

You can use the OF flag option to mark things due today. Or make use of the due dates and the perspective.


amelchi 2010-03-07 09:06 AM

the problem is [U]how[/U] to set perspectives to see TODAY, hopefully also on the iphone...



dpvanwormer 2010-03-07 11:02 AM


Here's a couple of ways that work for me:

1. I have a Today perspective that consists of: View Mode: Context, Context Sidebar Filter: Active, Group Actions By: Context, Sort Actions By: Due, Status: Due or Flagged, Duration: Any, Flagged: Any. I use the flag like the star in Things - for manually highlighting something I want to do today. For me, this works on my iMac exactly the same way as the Today focus in Things worked. The only problem with this perspective is that my Today perspective on my iPod Touch has some additional tasks that are inactive, even though my context filter is set to Active. So I came up with:

2. My "All Available" perspective, which is really a Today list "plus," but it also works for me as just a Today list with the bonus that it appears exactly the same on my iPod Touch as it does on my iMac. My settings for this perspective are: Context, Active, Flagged, Due, Available, Any, Any. What I end up with at the top of the perspective is all of my Flagged tasks with the most overdue task first through the tasks due today followed by flagged tasks without due dates. Following that section are all of my Unflagged tasks, again with the most overdue task first through the tasks due today + my bonus section which is the rest of my active tasks starting with those with due dates that have not arrived yet and ending with active tasks with no due dates that are sorted by the order of folders and projects in the sidebar. I now use this as my Today list because what is really my Today list is at the top of the perspective list and I can ignore what is below it, or I can peruse the rest of the list if I have some time available but not enough time to do anything on my Today list - or if I just need to do something else right now.

For me, it has become my favorite perspective when I am in the "doing" mode - and it works on both the Mac and the iTouch.

BenBrooks 2010-03-07 11:46 AM

I utilize two perspectives to achieve a Today screen like the one found in Things. I set "Due Soon" in preferences to 2 days.

Then I use this Due perspective to flag things I want to complete today:

Then it will appear in this Today perspective that I have created:

This will appear on the iPhone if you are using the "sync perspective option". Hope that helps!

justapersona 2010-03-07 06:46 PM

Thanks & how to synch Perspectives
Great responses. Thanks. BenBrooks & - will try these this week.

In case anyone else saw BenBrook's sugg to synch Perspectives to iPhone, it's in the preferences On The iPhone, (type the "i" and scroll to the very bottom). Took me a while to find that.

BenBrooks 2010-03-07 06:49 PM

Yes sorry, syncing perspectives is an "experimental option", wasn't working for me right away, but after reseting the database in OF for my iPhone it started working.

amelchi 2010-03-09 01:48 AM

thanks I will try soon...

amelchi 2010-03-09 02:09 AM

the problem is that if you have an undone item (a past not done item...) it still shows up... at least for me!
I have old items, today items, tomorrow items... am I wrong?



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