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dhunter 2011-12-10 12:41 PM

Due within next week- actions not showing up [A: Time as well as date factors in.]
A newbie omnifocus question here. I apologize if it's been covered, I have not found the post yet after some hours of searching.
I have about 20 actions in different projects that are due various days next week. When I go to the Due perspective, only one shows up under "due within the next week" grouping. The only one that shows up is one that is in my inbox, not any that are in projects. What am I doing wrong?

I have moved over from Things (feel like my complex schedule has outgrown it) and still trying to get the hang of OF...


whpalmer4 2011-12-10 12:57 PM

When are they due, and what do you have for your "Due Soon" setting in the OmniFocus Data preferences? The Due view only shows items which are due no more than the "Due Soon" interval in the future, so at most you'll see items due in the next 7 days. For this reason, I prefer to change the Due perspective (or make another one) to have a Status Filter setting of Any Status instead of Due Soon, so that I can see out indefinitely far.

Even if you do make that change, you should also be aware that repeating projects and actions only show the current instance, so if you have many repeating actions and projects, a long-term view may not be representative of your upcoming workload. The next instance isn't created until you complete the current one.

dhunter 2011-12-10 02:22 PM

Thanks. I figure out what my problem was- it's not just the date, but also the time. So I had "due soon" set to 2 days. I was looking at the perspective at 3pm this afternoon, so anything after 3pm 2 days from now wasn't showing up!

In the perspective view filters, I wish you could specify how long "soon" is rather than just a global "due soon", to be able to look at upcoming actions in different ways- "what do I have to do the next 2 days" and "what do I have coming up this week"

Maybe that's what "start" is for, but I still can't figure out how to specify, view "actions that start within the next _ days"

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