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breadncup 2012-04-15 02:20 PM

[Request] Multiple export feature and Folder

1. When it is Edit mode, I am able to select multiple documents, which enables delete and copy of them, but the export is grayed out.

Would you add the exporting multiple files feature next time, please?

2. To organize well the docs, we need the folder feature in the omnioutliner for iPad.

Thank you,

nft 2012-04-15 05:28 PM

absolutely agree, esp. the folders cannot use OO for serious work with the current hodge-podge.

whpalmer4 2012-04-15 07:04 PM

I think you meant to say that you find it inconvenient...some of us would question your assertion that the work we do isn't serious. No question, folders would be a help.

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