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scb 2010-04-18 01:59 PM

Applescript and Bookmarklets
I'm trying to connect my [URL=""]Quix[/URL] bookmarklet to a keyboard command (say, control-Q). My first try was applescript, using the following code:

[CODE]tell application "OmniWeb"
tell favorites
set theaddress to address of bookmark "Quix"
end tell

tell front browser
OpenURL theaddress
end tell

end tell

This does not seem to work because the OpenURL command opens a new browser tab.

Any other suggestions?

troyb 2010-04-20 03:16 PM

Why not just assign a keyboard shortcut to the relevant bookmark? You can assign a keyboard shortcut to any menu item (including bookmarks in the bookmarks menu) via the "Keyboard" system preference pane.

scb 2010-04-24 06:08 AM

Yep, that works. Thanks!

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