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hewsie 2008-11-25 10:11 AM

Copy multiple email addresses to Mail

I have a column of email addresses that I need to get to either Mail or a webmail application. I can't seem to copy the whole column. I can only work with individual addresses. I have over 100 people to email the same message to so this would take a while. I have switched off the attachment options, but the email address text is still a hyperlink. I have tried exporting the file to various formats then selecting the email addresses from those documents, but it still gives me, e.g. " <>". Mail programs don't work with addresses that have that double format.

Is there a way to copy all the email addresses and paste just their text into a To: field of a message, or get OO to select them all then put them into a Mail message?

DerekM 2008-11-25 12:47 PM

Try exporting to RTF and then copy and paste that into Mail. Exporting to RTF will give you standard hyperlinks which should copy nicely into the Mail To field.

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