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csandman 2012-01-02 07:32 AM

Sync OmniFocus with WebDAV from German Telekom / T-Online
Hi there,

just to let you know: OmniFocus can sync with Mediacenter (Mediencenter) from German Telekom / T-Online - it's a WebDAV Server!. I tried it successfully.

* Have an Account at German Telekom / T-Online. You probably will have such an account, if you use a email-adress like [email][/email]
* Activate Mediacenter at your account using T-Online Website. Within my contract, mediacenter is free to use, with no additial costs - 25 GB Space included!. Check your contract.
* Mount mediacenter as a drive on your mac; Use Finder -> Connect to Server and the address ""
* you will be asked your account name ( and your password for that account. It's the same, you use, when logging into T-Online Website ""
* Using Finder create a folder OmnifocusData within Dokumente Folder. Label it the way, you like.
* Setup Syncing within OmniFocus using Webdav and this address: "" - change this if you used a different label.
* Initiate Syncing from OmniFocus. It will fail. But it will result in a new folder within that location, you created. Rename this new folder to "OmniFocus.ofocus".
Initiate Syncing from OmniFocus again. Now it will sync fine.
* Repeat with every other device. Sync will work immediately - without any further renaming!
* IPad sync works fine too, IPhone should be the same.
* Enjoy your Telekom / T-Online storage!

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