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jonias 2008-03-30 09:47 PM

PDF Export Image Quality = Bad
I bought Omnigraffle to use for my web site proposals. I am inserting screenshots and PNG images designed in Fireworks at 72dpi (screen resolution). Everything works well until I go to export as PDF. The images which look great in OmniGraffle look very poor in the actual PDF. They look blurry or compressed or something. Is there no PNG export options to specify bitmap image quality?

nestorph 2008-04-01 01:31 PM

I don't know if it's related, but I experienced poor quality when exporting to a gif file. Have not heard back from anyone at OmniGroup so far.

di410733 2008-04-17 03:16 PM

poor image quality when printing too
I see the same thing as the others have mentioned. I've created a number of pages that include screen caps - in graffle the canvases look nice & sharp, but if I print or export they come out very blurry, and even the text inserted via graffle is difficult to read. I found that exporting to png gives me a slightly less distorted view.

This is really a drawback if I can't share things with my pc-bound coworkers, aside from these eye-strain inducers. Perhaps the Pro version has the ability to print clearly?

Joel 2008-04-17 03:40 PM

I find that exported PDFs look pretty crummy in, but not elsewhere. Can you tell me what apps you're using to view the PDF in?

di410733 2008-04-18 07:46 AM

[QUOTE=Joel;35831]I find that exported PDFs look pretty crummy in, but not elsewhere. Can you tell me what apps you're using to view the PDF in?[/QUOTE]

Well, in pdf I've tried Preview & Adobe Reader (and perhaps the hp printer?). I've also tried PNG (which is a little less blurry), JPEG, HTML & BMP. What were you using (besides Omni) to see nice docs?

Joel 2008-04-18 08:00 AM

Lineform places the PDF and it looks nice as well.

Looks like in the case of Preview at least, Apple is hooking in resolution independence so that exported PDF and EPS files render at full scale, which appears to be new in Leopard. As a result, a placed bitmap image will display larger (as does everything else) in Preview, as opposed to how it shows in Graffle which is somewhat smaller so the entire canvas can show onscreen.

Axial 2008-04-25 06:57 AM

Also, some connector lines do not render properly in Preview pdf - they are broken and disconnected from the objects they are supposed to connect. Everything looks OK on Omnigraffle canvas, in Acrobat CS3, as well as when I print it out. I guess it is a issue.

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