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DaleRogers 2008-06-23 10:46 PM

Filter tasks created when adding by email
To Everyone,

My work email automatically adds a security tag and signature. These become new tasks when sending myself tasks from work. Is there a way to automatically filter the signature block and security tag to prevent them becoming new tasks?


Toadling 2008-06-23 11:33 PM

Hi Dale. Are either of those items preceded with "--"? That's my best guess as to the source of the problem. Any line in the email that begins with "--" gets added to OmniFocus as a new action.

There are several other reserved characters too. For example, the dollar sign is reserved for specifying task duration, so you can't currently log a task like "Pay John $10 for dinner" via email because everything after the $ gets interpreted as a time estimate.

If you search for "Processing Mail messages into actions" in the OmniFocus Help, you'll find an explanation of all the reserved characters.

Hope this helps.


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