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kunicki 2008-06-23 11:10 PM

Repeating Item - Is there an indicator?
I really enjoy the repeating item. I have numerous daily, weekly and monthly tasks and this feature is great.

The only thing I cant figure out: Is there a way to see which items are configured as repeating items? It would be nice to see some kind of visual indicator in a list if an item is a repeating item. Like that of flagged items, or those with notes.

Thanks for your suggestions

Toadling 2008-06-23 11:19 PM

Unfortunately, the only way to tell right now is to view the item in the inspector. However, I do know that the Omni Group is aware of this concern and they've told me they have a feature request logged for adding some kind of indicator in the main content area.

I recommend sending them a "vote" for this feature by going to Help -> Send Feedback in the OmniFocus menu bar. The more requests they get to add this, the more likely we'll see it in a near-future release.


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