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marcde 2012-02-23 05:57 AM

Dear OmniFocus, I cheated on you and I'm sorry.
Yes, it's true. I was tempted by an old friend, Things. I couldn't resist - her UI is so nice looking and she's easy to work with. Plus, she recently added a, shall I say, enhanced feature.

Don't fret, though, OmniFocus. After a few hours of experimental flirtation I'm back to my rock: you!

She doesn't even compare to you. You're rich in features and power, the real deal, while she appears more like a nice toy.

Nonetheless, my devotion to you, OmniFocus, has increased two-fold. I'm forever loyal.

Marc D.

mikegibb 2012-02-23 08:31 AM

If I have to apologize every time I check out another task manager, I'd never get any work done.

Brian 2012-02-23 04:03 PM

Marcde, you gave me a chuckle, but you're being way too hard on yourself. The important thing is that folks find the right tool for them - sometimes that's OmniFocus, and sometimes it isn't. Besides, experimentation is the basis of most of human achievement!

Furthermore, changing things up from time to time can have benefits - see the [URL=""]Hawthorne effect[/URL] - so long as you don't change systems so frequently you never actually get anything done. ;-)

Welcome back, though!

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