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billbrietstout 2013-02-22 09:05 AM

BUG: Omnigraffle doesn't know graphviz 'strict' or 'rankdir'
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This graphviz structure with strict is supposed to result in a diagram with overlapping splines, meaning multiple lines between two shapes should show as one.

strict graph G {
<hundreds of lines specifying node1 -- node2 -- node3 -- node4 etc.>

Initially Omnigraffle asks how to lay out the file, offering no escape for the layout options, and ignoring the layout options defined in the .gv file. You have to select some layout and wait, then change the settings to not get the result you defined in the file.

Omnigraffle ignores the directive to use straight lines (splines=false). Selecting a line and choosing 'select similar' to remove midpoints and make ortho lines straight doesn't remove midpoints from loops back to the same node. A node with multiple connections to itself will have hundreds of non-overlapping square loops with two midpoints (triangles).

The end result has hundreds of parallel lines cluttering the diagram (ignoring strict graph G) making it unreadable and unusable.

This works fine in other graphviz programs, including GraphVizio and Graphviz app for Mac. See attached for what the diagram should look like when opened.

billbrietstout 2013-02-22 09:14 AM

Source file
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The above post has a pic of how opens the diagram.

This post has pictures of how Omnigraffle opens the diagram, and how it looks after lines are made straight and midpoints removed.


- Sample source file in compressed zip format (This forum doesn't support graphviz .gv text files either)

- View of how the diagram looks when initially opened by Omnigraffle in hierarchical mode

- View of how the diagram looks after modifying lines to straight and remove midpoints.

RobTrew 2013-02-22 09:57 AM

Probably best to submit this through [B]Help > Send Feedback[/B] in the App.

I'm not sure that these threads are always seen by the Graffle team, and in my experience it can take [URL=""]a little time[/URL] for Graphviz layout issues to receive urgent engineering attention.

(A marginally lower rate of feature progress is, perhaps, one of the very reasonable prices which one pays for the calm and peace of mind which comes from using ethically sourced software no engineers were harmed in its making no life/work balance impaired by unreasonable duty-cycles and as we know, water of the finest quality can take thousands of years to seep through purifying limestone).

In the meanwhile, it could make sense to redefine it as a feature, or, for the moment, just make use of another tool.


RobTrew 2013-02-22 11:15 AM

More succinctly don't hold your breath :-)

billbrietstout 2013-02-22 02:30 PM


Did send email via help function, and referred back to this thread.

...Holding breath...
...turning blue...
...blackness tightens around my screen...

Oh, [I]don't[/I] hold my breath...

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