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mpc 2008-10-18 03:13 PM

syncing omnifocus with ical
I have downloaded omnifocus 1.5 - sneakypeek. Alls working well except omni does not sync with ical i.e. entries do not appear in ical. Prior to using 1.5, I did not have any issues.

cheers Mike

Lizard 2008-10-20 04:59 PM

You know OmniFocus syncs actions as 'to do' items, not events, right? So they aren't going to show up as colored boxes on the calendar. They'll be a list down the right hand side of the window.

If they're not showing up even on the 'to do' list, something is going wrong. It's hard to tell where. You may want to email [email][/email] so our Support Ninjas can get you back on the road to synciness.

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