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Toadling 2009-08-09 09:56 AM

[QUOTE=kevinkingmd;64288]Dragging the notes to Omnifocus does nothing. And you can't copy the note to the clipboard. You CAN copy the contents of the note, but not the note itself.

What I would absolutely love to have is some sort of linking between Omnifocus and Evernote. Drag the note to Omnifocus, create a link. Click the link and pull the info up from Evernote.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, copying the contents wasn't really what I was expecting either. It's disappointing that Evernote doesn't seem to support linking to its database items.

Unfortunately, I really think the burden here is on Evernote to cooperate better with other apps. External linking seems quite common among other Mac apps (e.g. Apple Mail, Address Book, Yojimbo, DevonThink, Journler, etc.). I'd expect Evernote to be able to do the same. In fact, I'd personally be hesitant to use an app missing this important functionality.

Have you tried making a feature request with the Evernote developers?


Jay Levitt 2009-08-12 07:53 AM

I started looking into this at one point... IIRC, Evernote doesn't assign GUIDs to its notes until it syncs with the server (so they can be sure there aren't any duplicates). Which means you can't be guaranteed that a note has a GUID, which means they didn't want to expose an URL scheme to pick a note by GID... each part is logical but the result is "no URLs".

I think you can use the API to search for a note by its title, and it'd be theoretically possible to write an AppleScript URL handler that uses the API... but that's about as far as I got.

Kevin Yank 2009-08-13 10:46 PM

I am eagerly awaiting this capability as well.

Evernote’s forums have a statement from 2008 that they’re working on providing note URLs, but there has been no news since.

A partial work-around that currently exists is to search for the note to which you wish to link in Spotlight. You can then drag the document it finds into OmniFocus to get a link in the Notes field. The problem with this solution, aside from the inconvenience of going via Spotlight, is that the links are specific to the machine on which they were created. They won’t work on another computer where you sync your OmniFocus and Evernote libraries, and they won’t work on the iPhone.

yennta 2009-09-21 02:47 PM

I'm here because I have the same issue. I LOVE evernote. They have just joined up with Reqall, another app I love & which links with mail and phone and ical.

The only way I've found to bring an evernote file into OF is to right-click on it and export it as a searchable pdf. Then you can import it into OF.

alexjander 2009-09-23 05:04 PM

You can do a Spotlight search for the note, then drag the note from finder into OF. One step too many, but it works!

I'm also starting to like Evernote better than Devonthink. Devon, where's websharing? where's easy formatting that makes sense to other applications?

shovland42 2010-03-14 09:49 PM

[QUOTE=alexjander;67321]You can do a Spotlight search for the note, then drag the note from finder into OF. One step too many, but it works![/QUOTE]

What am I missing about this? If I do a search in Spotlight, Show All results to open a Finder window, and drag one of the Evernote results to an entry in my Inbox, a new link is created with what looks to be the filename from the metadata folder (p253.evernote). The link is displayed as an Evernote icon in OmniFocus. If I then double-click that link, Evernote activates but does not take me to the correct note. Have I missed something?

Something that seems to work consistently for me (at least, while experimenting tonight) is using a link to a note in the web interface for Evernote. Open a note and drag the URL from the address bar into OmniFocus and a (very long) hyperlink is created. The link seems to work from browser session to browser session, so I think its static. The down side is that obviously you are using the web version of Evernote, not the app version, but they've made some nice progress with the web version over the last year or so.

jdh 2010-03-25 05:58 AM

This highlights the main reason I moved away from Evernote. The actual back-end and web solution was great, but the Mac and iPhone clients completely miss the boat in providing a native-like UI on either platform. Put simply, the Evernote Mac app not only doesn't even feel very Mac-like, but it doesn't play nice with other apps, as illustrated above.

Jay Levitt 2010-03-27 05:33 AM

So where do you take notes now? Did you find something that's more Mac- and iPhone-like that syncs?

jdh 2010-03-31 12:56 PM

I switched over to SOHO Notes 8 on the Mac and Notelife on the iPhone for a while, and I definitely liked its interface on both ends far better than Evernote. The only downside was Wi-Fi based syncing between the iPhone and the Mac, which meant both devices have to be on the same network and I have to remember to actually sync occasionally.

That said, it's still a nice solution if you need to deal with rich-text notes, photos, PDF files and so forth. In my case, however, I decided that all I really needed was a simple and straightforward way to deal with [i]text[/i] notes, and so ended up using Simplenote on the iPhone combined with Notational Velocity on the Mac side, both of which sync over the cloud.

Everything other than text notes is normally only for reference on the iPhone anyway, so I use Dropbox for that, along with its corresponding iPhone app.

mister blahblah 2010-04-04 11:48 AM

nozbe has in-app links with evernote now. can we get this?
i just saw this article on the nozbe site. ummm, mommy can i have that?
this would be killer in OF. ill post it in feature request if its not there already.

check it:

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