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bankomeister 2007-09-13 11:22 PM

iPhone solution?
Has anyone come up with a way to take their OF contexts with them on their iPhone that doesn't involve having your computer awake somewhere? People have tossed around ideas, but I haven't seen any solutions. I love OF but not being able to take my contexts with me is limiting its usefullness.

Also, does anyone know if, once leopard is released, this will be fixed and tasks will sync to the iphone? Please tell me I have just a few more weeks to wait?

al_f 2007-09-14 01:16 AM

I suspect no-one (outside Apple) knows for sure if they'll add todo support to iPhone with Leopard. However, since it's a big hole in the iPhone's functionality at the moment and there's a whole new system-wide way of handling todos in Leopard, I think it's pretty likely.

nick 2007-09-17 10:32 AM

Yes - I'm desperately looking for a solution as well.

Wallin 2007-09-17 11:30 AM

Well, people can make third party apps for iphone now (see, so it's definitely a possibility if someone is feeling up to the challenge of making a separate app for it. But yeah, it would be nice if the ical on iphone supported todo's

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