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aaron123 2009-12-04 02:51 PM

project set up question
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I am new to Omniplan but have worked through the tutorials and help but am stuck with what is probably a very simple question:

I have created a project with an undefined start date and a large number of tasks that all have starts with values like "T+3d" or "T+2w" 1d etc. When I modify the projects start date to a defined date more than half of my tasks get moved back so they are no longer in sequence. The task start dates are not reflective of my start date +3d etc. None of the tasks are linked to each other in any way.

First image shows project with undefined date. Second image shows project after date is set. It does not seem to matter what date or day of the week I select as the start date.

Using intel based mac w/ snow leopard.

Any advice greatly appreciated,


whpalmer4 2009-12-12 07:11 AM

If you level the project again it should look more like you expect.

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