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Craig 2007-12-13 06:26 AM

Don't want Return to create projects in Inbox
When I hit View > Inbox (or Opt-Cmd-1), I think focus should automatically switch to the main pane. As it is now, if my focus is in the tree pane, when I go to the inbox and hit Return expecting to create a new action (which is always what I would want to be doing in that scenario), a new project is created instead.

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Tim Wood 2007-12-13 10:21 PM

Yes, this is a bug (scheduled for 1.0 right now). <bug://bugs/43094> (Selecting the inbox in the sidebar and pressing return creates a new project, not an inbox item)

Switching the focus to the content outline seems reasonable, though it will be a little less necessary once this bug is fixed. I'll write it up -- one problem is what we would select in the content outline if we made it the focus. You might be going to the inbox to add a new item (in which case selecting the last item would make sense) or to process it (in which case the first item).

ptone 2007-12-14 09:38 AM

I'd say the thing that makes sense to me is that you are "adding" an item, so it should go at the bottom. FIFO, not LIFO.


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