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genewade 2009-05-22 09:29 AM

Settings Page Icon is missing
I just noticed that the icon for the setting screen is missing from my OF for Iphone App. I tried deleting and re-installing the app. However, I still cannot see the icon (which should appear at the bottom of the home page) and, hence, I cannot access the settings page to change my settings. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?

whpalmer4 2009-05-22 10:20 AM

That's pretty weird -- you're saying that the little i in a white circle doesn't show up at all, there's just a blank spot?

I think you'll want to immediately involve the support ninjas in this one by sending email to [email][/email] or calling 1-800-315-OMNI if in the US.

Toadling 2009-05-22 01:04 PM

Perhaps genewade has an old version of OmniFocus for iPhone installed -- a version that pre-dates the little "i" settings button?

genewade, do you see a "Settings" item at the bottom of the main list (but actually in the list rather than as a button)?

There have been a couple of times where I've seen the iTunes App Store offer an update that's actually an [I]earlier version[/I] than the one I already have installed on my iPhone. Apparently something gets hosed with version management either in my library or on one of the iTunes servers.

I've never had this happen with OmniFocus, but it has with at least two other apps I have on my iPhone.


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