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Buckaroo 2010-03-27 06:16 PM

Badge count resets? [A: caused by quitting app mid-launch]
Every now and then, I find that the badge count in OmniFocus for iPhone disappears. I've been trying to figure out how to reproduce it - doesn't seem to reliably be Springboard resets or shutdown/restarts.

Anyone else noticing this?


BrianCarter 2010-04-07 06:25 PM

Do you accidentally start Omnifocus when you don't mean to? I've found if I hit the home button when OF is starting up, the badge count resets (probably because it starts counting from zero on startup and I interrupt that count).

Brian 2010-04-09 12:15 PM

Great catch, BrianCarter - I've noticed that phenomenon, but never determined what caused it. You're totally right, though; it's the "oops, I didn't mean to start that" press of the home button that resets the count. Just in case we can prevent that somehow, I'll write this up. Thanks!

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