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Ken Case 2009-05-05 11:30 PM

Sending text from Emacs to OmniFocus
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If you run emacs in a Terminal window, you can capture tasks from it by simply selecting the text with the mouse and hitting your clippings shortcut. (There isn't a default shortcut, but F6 is a common choice: you can set your preferred shortcut in Clippings Preferences.)

But I thought it might be fun to send text directly to OmniFocus from inside Emacs itself—so here's a little code which does just that!

This script creates a new task, using the text from the selected region as the note, and generating a one-sentence summary of the note to use as the task name. (I wrote the script earlier this evening as an example, so my apologies for any bad emacs lisp style, etc.—it's been a while since I've written any emacs code!)


jshaevitz 2009-05-07 08:33 AM

I'm glad there are still emacs geeks in this world :)

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