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kga1978 2006-11-24 02:28 AM

Scrolling PDF files
Is it just me, or is it not possible to scroll pdf files? I have installed the newest version of the Schubert plug-in, and experience no problems with other browsers.

JKT 2006-11-24 02:58 AM

The ShubertIT plug-in doesn't support scrolling via mouse wheels/balls. You have to use the scroll bars. Is that a possible explanation?

kga1978 2006-11-24 04:10 AM

Nope - I can scroll using other browsers, including FF, Camino and Safari.

JKT 2006-11-24 04:24 AM

Well... I guess I never noticed that this support had been added (or when) as I don't use Firefox enough, but you are right - scrolling using a mouse wheel does work in Firefox. I guess there could be a compatibility issue between the plug-in and OmniWeb or it could be a bug in OmniWeb itself (if it is, it is one that has existed a very, very long time). Who is responsible for solving it, though? Is it OmniGroup or is it SchubertIT?

kga1978 2006-11-25 04:05 AM

Since it works with all other browsers, this problem must be specific to OmniWeb, which means that they are responsible for correcting the problem.

It's a small one, but it is quite annoying..... :eek:

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