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Modjo 2007-02-14 07:01 AM

scrolling bug
This happens quite often to me.
I've been reading a blog or whatever, i've scrolled halfway down the page, another app or whatever draws my attention and i hide OW.
Whenever i click on the icon in the dock again to "unhide" it, OW shows the page but forgets where i scrolled to. So the scrollbar is right back at the top of the page.

Very annoying for those long blogs etc ...

JKT 2007-02-14 11:47 AM

Can't say this has happened to me - is it possible that the sites are auto-reloading and this is causing the scroll location to be forgotten?

Also, does it happen if you use Safari or do things work OK in Safari?

Modjo 2007-02-18 02:35 PM

This doesn't happen in Safari.
Even if sites those were reloading (which in 90% of the cases isn't the fact), shouldn't the position on the site remain the same?

JKT 2007-02-19 12:50 AM

Sorry - it sounds like a bug, but I was just trying to identify a reason why it might be occurring (and whether or not it was also a bug in WebKit). However, not something I have had happen to me as far as I can remember. Is it all sites or only specific ones?

Modjo 2007-02-19 05:30 AM

This happens for any site.
Even for this board :)

But i can't repeat it. Sometimes it happens, sometimes everything is ok.

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