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cduford 2008-08-18 11:59 AM

Exporting Task and Date (no time)

I want to use Omniplan to not only create a schedule for projects but to also visually show our clients the schedule. Most of the tasks have dates but no specific times and I do not want to confuse the client by displaying the times (normally it says 8-5). Is there a way to only display the date next to the task? Ex. " Start developing backend 8/27/08"

I am new to Omniplan and would really appreciate any advice!


Lizard 2008-08-18 03:39 PM

In the Project Formatting inspector, there's a checkbox for "time of day" in the Dates Display section. Uncheck it.

Lizard 2008-08-18 03:40 PM

If you're really only scheduling things by days all the time (even when your client isn't looking!), you may also want to change the project Granularity in the Project Information inspector to Daily Scheduling.

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