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thormar 2011-07-22 11:19 AM

export gantt chart to omnigraffle
for some stupid reasons I need to pimp up the gantt chart from time to time. Is it possible to export it to omnigraffle?

best regards

joelr 2011-07-28 10:30 AM

Hi, right now the options for exporting to OmniGraffle are Work Breakdown Structure, Activity-on-Node Network Diagram, and Activity-on-Arrow Network Diagram. The former two have two options - Basic or Tables.

However, I think you're asking for an export of the graphical Gantt bars and connection lines themselves. We don't currently have such an export. What type of changes did you want to make to the Gantt chart? You might try working with the Project:Styles and Project:Colors inspectors for now.

If you would like to request this as a feature, be sure to send an email to [email][/email] - this is the best way to make sure we get your feedback to the right people. The more detail and ideas you have, the better!

Joel R
Software Test Pilot
The Omni Group

thormar 2011-07-29 05:28 AM

it depends a little bit on the project. mostly I have to add some graphics etc.

I will send a feature request

thx for your answer

whpalmer4 2011-08-01 02:19 PM

If you just need to make some annotations, print to PDF, paste that into an OmniGraffle canvas and make your annotations on top.

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