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CatOne 2011-06-21 07:36 PM

Hiding stalled projects from view

I have a number of projects that are active, but without any available actions. I don't necessarily want to put these projects on hold because if I do that, I may add a task to a project and then not see it. But it's annoying (to me) that they clutter up my projects view. Is there any way to not show them?

If I show active projects they show up. And if I show stalled projects they show up. I basically want a way to do a view that is "active and not stalled" -- The iPhone and iPad versions of OmniFocus do this, but on the Mac it's basically so cluttered that I end up using context view to get around this, which has its own set of problems (I don't put contexts on most of my tasks).

whpalmer4 2011-06-21 10:16 PM

If you install RobTrew's excellent WhereInOF script, it appears that a search for "projects where number of available tasks > 0 and not [OnHold]" will give you a window focused on all of the projects which are active and have available actions.

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