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OF 1.5 & syncing
Hi, upon reading that 1.5 supports syncing via bonjour, I downloaded the iPhone version for my iPod Touch. I sent the Settings from my MacPro - which keeps the main database - and the Touch started to load. Problem is, it never finishes. Both are on WiFi via my local network. However, the Touch does not show up on the list of Clients when I click "Show clients" on the Mac.

What's going wrong here?

Andrew 2008-10-27 08:02 PM

The version of OmniFocus for the iPhone with local Bonjour syncing has not yet made it through Apple's approval/publishing process. So you can use it to sync from machine-to-machine with OmniFocus 1.5 (currently still just a release candidate), but until the iPhone version is released, you won't be able to use that to sync with your iPod touch.

However, if OmniFocus on your iPod will not even launch, that sounds like a separate issue, and I recommend you contact our support team via the Send Feedback item in the Help menu (on the desktop version of OmniFocus). 2008-10-27 08:09 PM

OF does launch on my iPod, and it does find my Mac, but it just doesn't load. But if I understand you correctly, that's just a matter of time: when the App Store approves of the new OF for iPhone/Touch, I'll be able to do just this. I've heard that it takes time beyond your control, so I'll patiently wait (well, not so patiently, but what can I say?).

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