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Castemelijn 2010-08-20 06:36 AM

Exported PDF's are very large

I've been using Omnigraffle for a long time, and build large wireframes almost daily. Omnigraffle is great, yet there is one feature that isn't completely worked out yet (I suppose), and bugs me.
Whenever I want to export my multi-canvas documents to PDF, I get a very large PDF-file, usually more than 100MB. It's true that my documents contains images and are between 5 and 20 canvasses long. But when I open that PDF in Adobe Acrobat and save it as an optimized PDF, I usually end up with a PDF that's around 2MB large. I know an optimized PDF really pushes every bit. But Omnigraffle should be able to go lower than 100MB right?
I'm wondering why these PDF's are so large. It would be nice to get rid of that extra step of exporting it to an optimized PDF.

Kind regards.

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