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RobTrew 2010-08-31 02:38 AM

OF 1.8: Inbox items in Context mode
I know that this has been extensively discussed, but I seem to have lost track, and couldn't find the answer in the OF 1.8 sneaky peek release notes :-)

It it by design that Inbox tasks do not currently show up in the 'No Context' tree of Context Mode ?

i.e. that 'No Context' is currently an abbreviation for 'Has Project, lacks Context' ?

(Revision: 137775)

(Just one more reason for me to wish that the OF database had a report design language which would give eccentric users a bit more flexibility :-)

(I had thought of Planning Mode and Context Mode as orthogonal views of the same data, so the existence of a subset which is inescapably invisible to one of the two views does feel a little uncomfortable - especially in the light of the strongish sub-current of 'where's my data?' posts in this forum.

I have in mind a user who happens to be looking at Context Mode, reaches for [B]Find[/B] or [B]Outline Search[/B], and simply cannot find the task that they are looking for, even if they have taken the trouble to manually select trees 1 and 2 of the sidebar first ...).


RobTrew 2010-08-31 04:09 AM

This was a misapprehension - the invisibility of my inbox tasks in Context Mode was a result of setting a focus on some projects in Project Mode.

And yet ...

This does draw attention to an uncomfortable asymmetry between Project Mode and Context Mode:
[LIST][*]In Project Mode, you can set a project/folder focus and still see Inbox tasks,[*]but in Context Mode, if any kind of focus has been set, Inbox tasks will be inescapably invisible ...[/LIST]
Perhaps this could usefully be treated as a bug (or design defect)?

i.e. perhaps Context Mode should still allow viewing of inbox tasks even if a focus has been set in Project Mode ?

(one route might be to allow the focus list to include the inbox, as well as folders and projects)


curt.clifton 2010-09-02 07:08 PM


(one route might be to allow the focus list to include the inbox, as well as folders and projects)

This seems like the sensible design. If I'm focused on a project I certainly don't want inbox items showing (whether is project or context mode). But the ability to include the inbox in a focused set would give maximum flexibility. It might be nice, for example, when the inbox is loaded with actions that need to be organized into an existing project.

RobTrew 2010-09-03 12:32 AM

Another residual asymmetry (between Planning Mode and Context Mode) involves the root tasks of Single Action Holders.

With an ordinary project I can:
[LIST=1][*]Assign a context to the project (to serve as the default),[*]hit [B]View > Show in Context Mode[/B] to see it from the context angle,[*]and see its root task in Context Mode (a task with the same name as the project).[/LIST]
Once, however, a project has been flagged, through the inspector, as a 'single action holder':
[LIST=1][*]I can still assign a context to it,[*]but [B]View > Show in Context Mode[/B] is now grayed out for it,[*]and its root task has now had its citizenship unkindly downgraded, and has become inescapably invisible to Context Mode.[/LIST]
(One consequence of this is that I have had to drop a 'display matching tasks in Context Mode' option from searches and shortcuts in [URL=""]Where in OF[/URL], because there is a sub-set of tasks (root tasks of single action holders) which simply cannot be displayed in Context Mode at the moment ...

Combined with the fact that Inbox tasks were also excluded from Context Mode once any kind of focus had been set in Project Mode, this left the 'display matching tasks in Context Mode' option a bit too dysfunctional and complicating to be worthwhile).


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