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edwagner 2010-09-17 10:21 AM

Searching custom data
Forgive me if this has been asked before (I couldn't find it if it was), but is there any way to search my custom data fields? e.g. we have a custom data field that we use to track IDs of corresponding items in another PM tool. If I want to search for a particular ID, using Edit->Find doesn't locate the task that has that ID in its custom data. Am I missing something, or does OP not index the custom data?

-- Ed

whpalmer4 2010-09-17 10:19 PM

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You are correct that OmniPlan does not search the custom data field.

I've attached a simple Applescript that attempts to address this omission. When run, it prompts for a search string, then searches every row in the document for custom data containing that search string in a designated field of the custom data. If none are found, an error message will be given, otherwise all rows matching will be selected in the document. In the script, I called that field "magic token" but of course you should edit it to match your document. I didn't figure out the appropriate incantation to have that be a variable so the script could prompt for it, but maybe one of our resident Applescript gurus can address that. It sounds like that's unneeded in your scenario.

If you don't know how to install and use Applescripts in Omni applications, see the following thread: [url][/url]

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