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Mitch Wagner 2011-10-09 09:54 PM

Single-action list/next actions
I was under the impression that all the items on a single-action list are supposed to be next actions. Am I wrong here?

I'm looking right now at a single-action list with nine actions on it. If I set the "availability" filter to "Available," they are all visible. If I set it to "Next Action," they are all hidden.

If i set the Status filter to "Any Status," the very first action on that list is undated, uncompleted, and isn't blocking anything else.

If I set the Projects Filter to "Stalled," nothing shows up.

So what gives here?

Brian 2011-10-10 06:04 PM

Sorry for the trouble this is causing! Things are meant to work as you describe, so don't give up hope yet. :-)

When I added a new single-action list to my database, then put nine items on the list, I was able to switch between Remaining, Available, and Next Action availability filters and see all the items in all three cases.

That said, I didn't add any start dates, due dates, or even contexts to those single action items - maybe one of those fields are the reason why your project is behaving differently than mine?

Our support folks have headed home for the evening, but if you send an [EMAIL=""]email[/EMAIL] or call 800.315.6664 in the morning, they'll be happy to help sort this out. Sorry again for the trouble!

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