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dconjar 2008-06-21 01:54 PM

Toodledo Sync Issues
Hmmm, I'm having some issues getting the Toodledo sync to work. I'm just testing it now so I can make my decision whether or not to get OF.

I have some dummy tasks in the free trial version of OF, and I'm trying to get the sync to work with my free version of Toodledo. I configured the script with the following specifications:

Perspectives: I made a perspective (called "Perspective") from the default library view.

Store Toodledo Password: yes

Always Sync Inbox: yes

Create Projects as Private: yes

Move Tasks Between Projects: yes

Notifications: growl

I've installed the script, and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times. I have the toolbar sync icon in Omnifocus, and I've deleted all of my old Omnifocus stuff (although I had to do this manually because the install and reinstall scripts couldn't do it).

When I try to run the sync, I keep getting this error:

AppleScript reported the following error:
md5: option requires an argument -- s
usage: md5 [-pqrtx] [-s string] [files ...]

Nothing has transferred over to Toodledo. Any thoughts?

If your version of the sync works, are you using RC1 (b22) or an older version?

Thanks for all your help.

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