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Mr B 2008-07-14 02:18 PM

One way sync problems
I have just been using the iphone version of OF ( and loving it by the way) and have just come back to my mac to continue to use it there, but it hasn't synced back. After a little testing I have discovered that any items added on my mac appear on the iphone, but any changes on my iphone [I]don't[/I] show up on my mac!!! Could anyone shine light on the situation.

kelchert 2008-07-15 01:15 PM

I'm having the same problem.

kelchert 2008-07-15 02:03 PM

Try following the suggestions in this thread. It worked for me!

DB Conflict Solution That Finally Got Sync Working For Me...So Far

Brian 2008-07-16 09:13 AM

OmniFocus on the desktop syncs less frequently than OmniFocus on the iPhone. If you manually trigger a sync from the file menu, do the items appear?

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