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rrkpl 2010-07-30 10:57 AM

Any Way To Rearrange Projects/Folders?
In the 'Project' view is there any way to rearrange the order (top-bottom) of the projects/folders so the most active ones are at the top? I can do this in OF Mac and sync the changes in order over but was wondering if it could be done on the iPad?

DerekM 2010-07-30 11:04 AM

Tap on the arrow on the right side of the Projects item in the sidebar, this will show you top level of your project hierarchy in the sidebar. Then tap on the gear icon in the toolbar and select Edit Sidebar. Now you can drag your projects and folders around to re-arrange them (you'll need to do this in landscape mode).

atreinke 2010-07-30 11:08 AM

Thanks Brian, I was just about to go to my Mac to do this.

Marty M 2011-10-25 07:42 AM

On my iPad, the gear icon on the sidebar doesn't offer an option to edit sidebar. did something change with the newest version?

Just figured out that I can move the projects around on my iPhone, and then sync to get the changes on my iPad.

DerekM 2011-10-25 10:05 AM

Marty, this has changed since then, sorry for the confusion. The Edit button is to the right of the Undo button and you can only edit the sidebar when in landscape orientation.

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