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MacBerry 2008-09-08 08:17 AM

Thanks Curt.

Sorry if my previous replies have seemed like rebuttals. I've re-read them, and don't really think they were because in fact I agreed with a lot of what people were saying, but I can see where the overall impression may have come from. I'm afraid one of my pet hates is asking a question and then receiving a roundabout or evasive answer, or worse still an answer to a totally different question, so when I find that happening I tend to react badly.

Your reply was extremely helpful. That combined with the fact I've been playing around with OF this afternoon (quiet day!), means I think I'm beginning to see the light! I can see the intent and benefit's of each mode, though I do still think both have limited flexibility, and wonder if the same couldn't be achieved just as well without the modes.

Maybe it boils down to a lack of enough filtering, sorting and grouping options in each mode (OF does need more). Or maybe it's to do with clarity - an awful lot of the answers to questions people ask on here are only obvious when you understand that the modes work the way you describe. So either it needs to be a lot more obvious in the programme, or there needs to be a lot more info available.

I think it's also to do with the lack of a clear "do" mode. So far I can't get a good focussed do list I'm comfortable with in either mode, which may be largely why I keep jumping around in both and trying to filter etc, 'till they fit.


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