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HappyCatMachine 2012-07-13 01:16 AM

Calendar Still Screwing Up if Region Other than US
Despite the two updates it appears that the calendar is still messed up if my region is set to anything except US. I no longer have the app but was helping a friend set it up on his. I thought this issue had been fixed, and yes, he just updated to the latest version this morning.

It appears to insist on creating separate time blocks for Monday (Tuesday to Friday is a single time block). Even when deleting these extra Monday time blocks and editing the Tuesday-Friday one, it still adds a time block on monday instead of extending the tuesday-friday one.

This is a new project on a fresh install after a hard restart (several, in fact) on an iPad 1.

Setting General>International>Region Format to United States automatically corrects the calendar, no changes had to be made and Monday-Friday is correct.

Wasn't this fixed in the first update?

whpalmer4 2012-07-13 02:25 PM

From a functional standpoint, it appears to be fixed, in my limited testing. It's a bit weird that it insists on splitting Monday off into a separate block, but it seems to be possible to adjust blocks and have the changes stick (and tasks get assigned on the proper dates) which is an improvement over the previous state of affairs, no? The cosmetics are pretty bad, though! For a laugh, set the iPad to US, adjust the calendar to have Sun-Thu as the work week. Kill OmniPlan, set the region to UK, launch OmniPlan and examine the calendar :-)

abarua 2012-11-03 01:25 AM

Yes, they fixed it in the first release and broke it again in the second.

Truly shocking that they cannot prevent such simple regression issues!

skwirl 2012-11-16 06:25 PM

We recently released OmniPlan for iPad 1.2 which fixes region issues. If you're still having issues after upgrading to 1.2, please let us know at [email][/email].

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