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banderson317 2013-04-20 11:21 AM

Anyone Using Both OmniFocus & OmniPlan for iPad?
I have Omnifocus for iPad to keep track of my various work projects. It is sometimes difficult to keep all projects moving forward or to know what I should be working on next. I was thinking that OmniPlan could help me organize my work and keep it moving forward. I would be using this for myself only and not syncing with co-workers. Just wondering if anyone sees the benefits of using and maintaining both systems? Does anyone feel that having both is redundant? How has using both applications helped you with GTD and project management?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


nick101 2013-05-06 11:06 PM

Well, no-one else has responded, so I will.

I use Omniplan for full-blown project management (which is what I do for a living) - by which I mean large exercises that break down to multiple interlinked activities - anything from 50 to a couple of thousand.

I use Omnifocus for individual activities, grouped, but not dependent, activities and small "projects".

For example, writing a business case is, for me, an Omnifocus small project. It has about a dozen activities (estimate costs and resources, prepare benefits case, outline project strategy etc). For something like this, Omniplan is overkill.

The project for which I wrote the business case would go into Omniplan, in which I have fine control over dependencies between tasks, and I can associate resources and their costs and availability with the work.

My style of project planning doesn't always go down to the finest detail of e very little activity. So if I had a task in Omniplan "Develop training plan", which was mine to perform, I'm likely to leave it at that in Omniplan, and create. Project in Omnifocus to break out the contributing activities, which I tick off as I do them.

So, in sum:

My activities, on a day to day basis - Omnifocus
Big project, multiple resources, critical dependencies - Omniplan

Hope that all makes sense

keyvankf 2013-07-24 02:33 PM

OmniFocus is my first step for gathering everything i need to do. I have two single-action folders (business and personal). Then i filter through my inbox and add activities with assign context to those folders. If the activity consist of series of task which takes more than couple of hrs or I need to rely on other resources (procurement) then I create Project folder and add milestones for that project as activities.
when i have projects and assign milestones within OmniFocus. I use iWork to plan my project and then use Omniplan to set schedule (including those milestones i have in omniFocus), resources, and cost and monitor the project using OmniPlan and iWork (numbers).

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