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Ward 2009-11-08 08:38 PM

PayPal reports "Sorry your last action could not be completed"
I use PayPal for all of my eBay purchases, but I've had little success elsewhere.

Many sites offer PayPal along side credit cards during their shopping cart checkout process. But whenever I try the PayPal route, I arrive at a PayPal page that reports "Sorry your last action could not be completed".

When I encountered that error a few minutes ago attempting to check out from MacUpdate Promo, I switched to Firefox 3.6b1, which worked fine.

Has anyone found a way to use PayPal in OmniWeb?

-- Ward

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robotank 2009-11-08 11:12 PM

Strange, I've never had any problems with PayPal in OmniWeb. I wonder if cookie or ad-blocking settings could be interfering with the transaction?

xiamenese 2009-11-09 01:09 AM

No problems here. Then my OmniWeb is running in very out-of-the-box form, which makes me wonder if the previous poster is right, re ad-blocking or some other customised preference you've put in place.

Ward 2009-11-09 08:29 AM

I've disabled ad blocking
Thanks robotank and xiamenese.

My global preference is full ad blocking for all sites. Usually it's obvious when I need to adjust this for specific sites.

I've disabled all blocks for -- don't know why I didn't think of this myself. I'll report back after my next attempt to checkout with PayPal.

-- Ward

Ward 2009-11-09 12:45 PM

Things that don't help are ...
I've made several adjustments. Here are several things that didn't get PayPal working for me:[LIST=1][*]Clear all ad blocking for <>[*]Change browser spoofing to Firefox for Mac[*]Delete all cookies[/LIST]When I use Firefox to check out via PayPal, the first PayPal screen prompts me to log in. That causes me to wonder whether 1Password has a hand in this problem. 1Password does work fine in Firefox.

I'll disable 1Password before my next shopping trip.

-- Ward

Ken Case 2009-11-09 01:44 PM

I believe you might have to turn off "Block images and other inline content from third-party sites" from the site which uses paypal in its checkout. (If I remember correctly, the checkout process tries to load some code from paypal to let it know about the purchase, but that ad-blocking setting prevents it from reaching paypal so it gets confused when you actually go to checkout.)

You might give that a try and let us know whether it resolves the issue for you!

Handycam 2009-11-10 02:50 PM

also allow 3rd party cookies

Ward 2009-11-12 05:32 PM

Third-party Cookies is the key!
Enabling third-party cookies (Security > Cookies > Accept cookies > Only from the current site [off]) at did the trick.

I had already disabled this option at eBay and PayPal, which explains why eBay purchases were working.

-- Ward

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