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corinna000 2009-10-23 10:34 AM

Link from one project to another?
I am a law student and Iím getting a TON of use out of OmniOutliner Pro. What would be really handy would be if I could link from one project to another. For example, I might be briefing a case on contributory negligence, so it would be really helpful to hyperlink to my class notes on the discussion of the subject.

I didnít find a way to do this in the documentation. If itís already a feature, I would be very grateful for some guidance on how to accomplish this feat. Otherwise, I would love to see this feature in subsequent versions.

DerekM 2009-10-23 11:14 AM

The best you can do right now is add an alias to the other file. This is a feature being considered for version 4 though.

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