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Animgif 2011-08-23 03:08 PM

Send to App for HTML
I just sent this to the ninjas but wanted to repost here in case anyone else wants to voice a similar request--


I need to be able to get my notes out to another app where I can print them from work easily. When I print emails with plain HTML and dynamic HTML from a browser the right side gets cutoff and I lose a lot of info. However, if I send myself a dynamic HTML doc and then convert it to PDF with the app "PDF Converter" I can get a PDF I can send to myself that I can save and print. This is an acceptable stopgap until OmniOutliner implements DOC and PDF output (which I am also requesting...but not asking for immediately like I am the HTML feature).

Thus, my request is simply that you add HTML and/or Dynamic HTML to the "Send to App" dialog box and let me open that in another application. I don't think that should take any real programming effort as you clearly already have the mechanism built in to create the HTML document and it would help me immensely.

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