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RobTrew 2009-09-08 07:49 AM

Omni's anti-spam CAPTCHA robust enough ?
Just saw [URL=""]this article in the Economist[/URL] about a trend towards automated breaching of CAPTCHA tests, and wondered whether Omni's are robust enough.

The amount of spam, some of it a bit unpleasant (an example from yesterday remains undeleted in the OmniGraffle forum as I write) seems to be increasing ...


equity space 2010-04-24 09:51 AM

It's not difficult to get passed CAPTCHA's with an automated service. If the CAPTCHA is too difficult then it just refreshes and asks for a new one. I at times have problems reading those, especially with caps/ lower case.

If the intention is to keep SPAM bots out then the best solution is to have a questionnaire during the sign up process. There isn't an automated service that can get passed this as of yet.

hayesk 2011-03-20 03:13 PM

Real people sometimes.
Have you ever seen those ads on the sides of web pages that say "This housewife earns $5000/week working from home."

I wonder if some of those jobs are answering captchas for spambots?

Yury 2013-01-05 07:13 AM

There are ways to make sure that spammers are there or not. One is a question answer plugin for posts, meaning 1+1= or something like that, that has to have a human behind it.

The spam here is getting real bad lately.

The other one is to give some members (trusted) privileges to
move or delete spam messages. This will allow the regular trusted forum helpers to help keep the forum spam free as they read.

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