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glen.saberton 2012-09-26 01:06 PM

Views not refreshing in Omni focus
Hi all

I have only used Omni Focus a few days and noticed this too. My test instance of this:

On changing the start date of a task to a few months away the task does not disappear from view (with a show only available filter) until i refresh the view by changing the filter to any status (for example) and back to show only available or going to a different view mode and returning.

Any help would be much appreciated

glen.saberton 2012-10-02 01:51 PM

Views not refreshing in Omni focus
Hi all (again)

I have asked this question on quite an old (though well populated) thread but am not sure if anyone is looking there anymore.

If I tick an action off I am noticing it is not disappearing form the presently defined view (perspective?) Is this expected if for example if I am filtering to only show available?

Any help would be really appreciated and apologies if I am using incorrect terminology.

Thank you

Brian 2012-10-02 02:49 PM

OmniFocus will keep an action that's been edited around for a while even if it doesn't match the current filter settings; if you edit something by accident, we want to keep it around so you can notice/correct that. The app used to whisk items away a lot more quickly and folks asked to change to the current behavior.

The next time the view in the window changes substantially, though - switching between modes or perspectives, for example - everything will be shown/hidden/moved at that point. (You can also force a Clean Up via toolbar/menu item/keyboard if you want them to do so.)

Hope that helps!

Brian 2012-10-02 02:54 PM

Found the original post, moved it to this thread - sorry for the delayed response, Glen. We spend as much time as we can manage on the forums after our other duties are taken care of, but we can't guarantee that folks from a given team will see the post in a particular timeframe.

(If you email us at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL],you're guaranteed a response from an expert in a timely manner.)

julienl 2012-10-03 07:40 PM

There is also an option in the preferences:

- Go under "Data";
- Check "Immediately hide completed items".

This would do the trick when you check actions (mark them complete).

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