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dax 2010-12-20 06:38 AM

File Size
I'm a teacher and I use OO for just about everything -- lesson plans, class rosters, grade book, to do list, tests and quizzes, curriculum, syllabi, and general writing. Most of my files are just a few kb, but a few are several MB.
What I'm trying to figure out is why some files are inexplicably large.

I realise that embedded files make a file bigger; I assume that images would do the same thing.

What I'm wondering: [LIST][*]Will a document with lots of columns take up more space? [*]What about the number of levels? [*]The use of different styles in one document?[/LIST]
I have read that there isn't a limit to how big a file can be, so I suppose this isn't a problem. I prefer to have a few big documents as opposed to many small ones, but I don't want to make the program crash or lose data.

Thanks for your help

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