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jasong 2007-12-03 11:49 AM

"Active Contexts" showing with no "available" actions?
I'm pretty sure this must be a bug and not by design, because otherwise it completely messes up my workflow!

In 95365, "Active Contexts" only showed contexts which had actions in them you can do, that is they were "available" or "next".

But now in 95492, "Active Contexts" appear to be showing me the same set of contexts as "Available Contexts" which is not useful to me at all!

Can someone confirm this please?


iNik 2007-12-03 12:32 PM

Confirmed. Send a note to the tech support elves.

jasong 2007-12-03 03:03 PM

Done! Thanks for the confirmation.

(Grumbling off to the corner.)

Tim Wood 2007-12-03 09:39 PM

This was almost certainly broken by my fix for <bug://bugs/41967> (Context does not at first appear under Active filter when the context's parent does not have any actions assigned to it), but I don't yet see how...

Tim Wood 2007-12-03 10:10 PM

Oops; should be fixed in 95577. =)

jasong 2007-12-18 06:24 PM

Nope, this piece is (still?) broken in 96262:

* Context (contains action)
** Context 2 (contains no action)

shows both contexts. This seems the opposite of

[quote]Fixed the 'Active' Context filter. This wasn't correctly showing leaf contexts with available actions if their parent context had no
actions. I sure thought I fixed this a while ago...[/quote]

[OG #246599]

Tim Wood 2007-12-19 12:14 AM

The regression in the Active filter should be fixed in 96277. There is still something slightly funky going on in a case like:

* grandparent (no action)
** parent (action)
*** child (no actions)

Adding and removing actions to the middle tier doesn't update our database summary correctly; I'll log this and try to avoid breaking the more common cases when fixing this =)

Edit; actually I can't get this 3-tier case to fail now either.

jasong 2008-01-06 12:07 AM

I'm still seeing "Active" contexts with no actions showing up in in my Contexts list, under 96776.

I've rebuilt the db, with no success.

I've sent in a reduced test case (it came down to a single project, with no actions). The bug was originally filed 12/14 under OG #246599, and I responded to the autoresponder message.

If I delete that project, the Context doesn't show up as expected, including if I add other projects (without actions) under this Context.

Interestingly, even through the Context shows up in the left pane, if I'm grouping by Context on the right pane, the context doesn't show up in the right pane....

jasong 2008-01-06 12:13 AM

And, I just determined that the magic bit seems to be the Default Context setting. For this project, it had a default context of the context that was showing up. If I set it to "none" the Context no longer shows up under Active.

Indeed, if I set the project to another default context, *that* context incorrectly shows up as "Active".

I wish there were a way to search all my actions and projects to see what else has a default context to see if that's the cause of all of the incorrectly displaying contexts....

Update: I just selected all my projects and changed the default context to "none". All "incorrect" contexts no longer show up.

jasong 2010-03-10 09:38 AM

This is a response to my own thread from two years ago. I know. Sad.

Unfortunately "active contexts" still shows contexts with no actions. This is particularly problematic when I am focused on a subset of my projects. I don't want to see a dozen contexts on the sidebar.

It's always bugged me, but never enough to mention it again beyond having filed the bugs a couple years ago. I powered through. But recently I've been revisiting my workflow to make things simpler and more frictionless, and this is one of those things that stands out as an issue.

The way I *want* things to work is that my Active Contexts shows only the contexts that actually have an action in them. When I'm Focused on my Personal projects, I don't want to see a list of my Work People.

Of the 26 "Active Contexts", 11 don't have any actions in them while I'm Focused on Personal. Why are they showing up?

Anyone have any explanations that make this a logical decision, or is it really Still Just A Bug™?

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